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Clinical Bulletin OTSC System - Bariatric Surgery

This clinical bulletin Bariatric Surgery offers information for health care professionals about the OTSC System in the treatment of bariatric surgery complications.

The OTSC Clip in Revisional Endoscopy Against Weight Gain After Bariatric Gastric Bypass Surgery
Heylen AM, Jacobs A, Lybeer M, Proßt RL
Obesity Surgery 2010 Sept 3

Obesity Surgery published an article by Alex Heylen et al., Belgium, about successful use of the OTSC System in revisional endoscopy against weight gain after bariatric gastric bypass surgery. They report on 94 obese patients who had undergone Fobi pouch gastric bypass, and because of a dilation of the gastro-jejunostomy suffered a marked but unintended weight gain. An endoscopic over-the-scope clip was used to narrow the pouch-outlet. The OTSC clip application was safe and efficient to reduce the pouch-outlet in all cases. Best clinical results were obtained by narrowing the gastro-jejunostomy by placing two clips at opposite sites, hence reducing the outlet of more than 80%. Preferably, the clip approximated the whole thickness of the wall to avoid further dilatation of the anastomosis. Between surgery and OTSC clip application the mean BMI dropped from 45.8 (+/-3.6) to 32.8 (+/-1.9). 3 months (mean 118 days, +/-46 days) after OTSC clip application the mean BMI was 29.7 (+/-1.8). At the second follow-up about 1 year (mean 352 days, +/-66 days) after OTSC clip application the mean BMI was 27.4 (+/-3.8).
The authors conclude: "The OTSC clip for revisional endoscopy after gastric bypass is reliable and effective in treating weight gain due to a dilated pouch-outlet with favorable short- and midterm results."