ArgoCap™ Promising results for facilitation of APC treatment shown by preclinical study

Preclinical study on feasibility, thermal effects and indication of appropriate settings shows the potential of ArgoCap to facilitate APC treatment in the esophagus

Key findings

• The ArgoCap allowed for good visibility, a precise and constant application of the argon beam, and a constant distance to the mucosa
• APC with ArgoCap could reach all quadrants of the esophagus ex vivo and in vivo
• Treatment of the mucosa was possible ex vivo and in vivo in all investigated modes and power settings
• No lesions of the muscular layer or deeper occurred in Precise mode (E8, E9) as well as Forced mode (10W, 20W), whereas Pulsed mode resulted in deep thermal damage in all power settings, indicating that it is not the appropriate mode for use with the ArgoCap
• The ArgoCap has the potential to improve APC treatment of larger mucosal areas

Study Details

• 20 porcine esophagi were marked with an area of 1.5 x 1.5 cm with an HF probe. All areas could be reached with the ArgoCap.
• 132 APC treatments of predefined areas were performed ex vivo followed by histological examination for thermal damage
• Used settings: Precise mode (n=51), Pulsed mode (n=51) and Forced mode (n=30)
• Lesions of the muscular layer or deeper in the porcine esophagus: Precise mode (n=2; 4%), Forced mode (n=1; 10%), Pulsed mode (n=21; 41%)
• Results were transferred and confirmed in a first in vivo application

Mueller J, Kayser G, Kuellmer A, Schiemer M, Dominik B, Offensperger F, Thimme R, Schmidt A. ArgoCap – feasibility and safety of a novel over-the-scope device to facilitate endoscopic APC treatment. Minim Invasive Ther Allied Technol. 2023;32(3):103-11. doi:10.1080/13645706.2023.2180322.

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