OTSC® Proctology Anchor can be used with the OTSC® Proctology for grasping and manipulation of tissue.


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Use of the OTSC® Proctology Anchor

OTSC® Proctology Anchor is an instrument that can be used with the OTSC® Proctology. With its tip tissue in the anorectum can be grasped and pulled. It is especially useful for a better adduction of tissue with scarred alterations (e.g. fistulae) and also in tangential application. The anchor is generally only used when the application area of the clip cannot be reached with the described sutures.

The OTSC® Proctology Anchor is 38 cm in length. The head of the anchor is made of a super elastic shape memory alloy (Nitinol® ). The OTSC® Proctology Anchor is designed for single use only.

The OTSC® Proctology Anchor is not included in the set.

All OTSC® Proctology products are for single use only.

Dimensions and specifications

Working length 38 cm
Maximum outer diameter 2.4 mm
Needle width 12 mm
Stitch depth 4 mm
Items per package 1
Reference number 200.61
Safety handle with locking button for activating and blocking the instrument, respectively (A)
Slide (B)
Flexible shaft (C), length 38 cm
Spiral slotted tube (D)
Anchor (E)

Application of the OTSC® Proctology Anchor

In cases of fibrotic or hard tissue, the OTSC® Proctology Anchor can be valuable in precisely aligning target tissue with the cap opening and keeping it fixed during clip release.

The instrument is placed at the site where the tissue is to be grasped. The OTSC® Proctology Anchor is released by pressing the locking button (1) and by pushing the slide (2) distally. Thereby the needles are pushed out of the spiral slot sleeve at the distal end and the instrument returns to its former shape of an anchor. The needles are anchored e.g. in the fistula tract. To withdraw the anchor into the spiral slotted tube, it is pulled back by activating the slide.

Before applying the OTSC® Proctology clip, it has to be ensured that the tip of the OTSC® Proctology Anchor is sufficiently pulled back into the distal, transparent cap of the OTSC® Proctology (at least even with its edge). Otherwise there is a risk of the clip being applied to the shaft of the instrument and thus the instrument being fixed to the tissue.


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