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We believe, clinical efficiency begins with a well-thought-out training concept. And that is why teaching the procedures underlying the products developed by us is a high priority for Ovesco.

The relevant basics are taught specifically within the framework of our training courses, which we offer for various products. We welcome trainees from various clinics several times a year, both at our own premises and at external locations. The training courses consist in part of theory to convey the basics, and of extensive hands-on training on models, always chaperoned by the expertise of an experienced user.

Take advantage of our training courses to expand your skills, share technical information with colleagues and make new contacts.

Training courses

colonic FTRD® System

The procedure of full-thickness resection with the colonic FTRD® System is trained in the FTRD training course*.
The course is sub-divided into theory and various practical sections:

  • Theory and practical use of full-thickness resection (eFTR) with the FTRD® System
  • Practical training part I | Handling of the system
  • Practical training part II on the phantom | Workflow of full-thickness resection
  • Communication of clinical results and practical experience by experienced users and practitioners

If you would like to participate in an FTRD® course, please contact us using the Contact form. Our sales representatives in charge of your region will be glad to contact you.

*Participation in a training course is mandatory before you purchase and use the FTRD® System.


The optimised resection procedures EMR+, ESD+ and Hybrid-ESD+ are trained in the RESECT+ training course. This is based on the use of the AWC® – an external additional working channel – and the injection solution LiftUp®. The course is sub-divided into theory and various practical sections, which are chaperoned by a clinical expert:

  • Theory of advanced resection techniques
  • Practical exercises on a model Part I | EMR+
  • Practical exercises on a model Part II | (Hybrid-)ESD+
  • Real-life examples / data status

If you would like to attend a RESECT+ course, please contact us using the contact form. Our sales representatives in charge of your geographical region will be glad to get in touch with you.

Product training

In addition to workshops at congresses and in collaboration with professional associations (e.g. ESGE, UEGW), our sales representatives also conduct specific product training at your hospital. This allows your entire team to be trained together.

Product training is available for the following products:

OTSC® System incl. application aids

The training of the OTSC® System focuses on its practical application to achieve haemostasis. The training can be carried out on tissue samples or on an artificial stomach model, according to your request. In addition to haemostasis, the correct handling of the two auxiliary instruments OTSC® Anchor and OTSC® Twin Grasper® and the associated closure of wall lesions can be trained.


The training on the RESECT+ products and the associated techniques focuses on their practical application. During the workshops or in-house training, the exercises are carried out on a pig's stomach in a specially designed training model. Special focus is placed on the optimised resection techniques EMR+ and ESD+ and the use of AWC® (additional working channel) and LiftUp® (injection agent). In contrast to the full-day training course, no clinical expert is available on site.

gastroduodenal FTRD® (Advanced training)

Successful completion of a colonic FTRD® training course and the gastroduodenal FTRD® advanced training course is mandatory before you purchase and use the gastroduodenal FTRD®. However, unlike the colonic FTRD® training course, the advanced training course can take place at your premises.
This training focuses on the particularities of the application of the FTRD® System in the upper gastrointestinal tract. The training takes place on an artificial model.

If you are interested in holding a product training in your department, please contact us using our contact form.

Over 750 professional publications from users throughout the world demonstrate the effectiveness of our products and procedures. The following is a concise summary of the most important publications and lectures on the various topics.

Publications overview

Clinical Bulletins (application specific)

This page list the recordings and information on past online seminars/webinars. Here experienced users talk about products and techniques such as OTSC®, FTRD® and RESECT+.

OTSC® in first-line hemostasis

Latest data of three RCTs from the US, Europe and Asia

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FTRD® Endoscopic Full-Thickness Resection

Closing the gap between endoscopy and surgery

For more information


Resection techniques in endoluminal surgery

For more information

Here you can find the most important instruction videos for our products, e.g. to see the assembly or handling in a concise form.

Set-up videos

Assembly video OTSC® System

Assembly video FTRD® System

FTRD® Tips & Tricks

LiftUp® injection

Assembly video AWC®

Application video HemoPill® acute

Assembly video OTSG® Xcavator

Procedural videos

Training video ESD+ technique

Training video EMR+ technique

Clinical case studies

You can find clinical case studies in our Mediathek, which you can filter by product.

You can also find all videos on our YouTube channel.


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