remOVE System
Novel system for endoscopic OTSC® and FTRD® clip removal.


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What is the remOVE System?

The remOVE System can be used for endoscopic OTSC® and FTRD® clips removal in the digestive tract.

The remOVE System consists of the following products:

  • remOVE DC Impulse
  • remOVE DC Cutter Set 12/14, consisting of:
    • remOVE DC Cutter
    • remOVE SecureCap 12/14
    • remOVE Grasper
    • remOVE Shield

Advantages of the remOVE System

  • Effective endoscopic cutting and extraction of OTSC® and FTRD® Clips
  • Novel generator and probe technology based on direct current (DC)
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Only minimal and superficial thermal injury
  • Safe retrieval of clip fragments

Application of the remOVE System

The OTSC® or FTRD® clip might need removal in case of:

  • Misplacement of the clip at an unwanted place
  • Accidental clipping of an instrument to the tissue
  • Local complications due to the clip (e.g. luminal obstruction)
  • Need for repeat biopsy or for successive lesion resection at the site