Foreign body retrieval set.


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Use of the FBR Set

The FBR Set is a foreign body retrieval set for safe removal of ingested foreign objects.

The FBR Set

  • Safe and efficient foreign body retrieval
  • Alligator and rat tooth in one grasping device
  • Long and elastic retrieval cap
  • Safe removal of sharp and foreign body objects
  • Strong gripping ability for better foreign body capture

One Package includes two sets. Each set includes a remOVE Grasper and a remOVE SecureCap 12.

Dimensions and specifications


remOVE Grasper remOVE SecureCap 12
Appropriate endoscopes Working channel diameter: min. 2.8 mm Suitable for endoscope diameter [a] 9.5 - 12 mm
Max. diameter 2.3 mm Max. outer diameter [b] 16.9 mm
Length 220 cm Internal chamber of the cap [c] 19.5 mm
Items per package 2 sets
Reference number 400.05 (incl. remOVE SecureCap 12 and remOVE Grasper)

Application of the FBR Set

Step 1: The remOVE SecureCap is mounted onto the endoscope tip

Step 2: The endoscope, with the fitted remOVE SecureCap, is guided by sight to the foreign body or clip fragment.

Step 3: The foreign body or the clip fragment is carefully drawn into the remOVE SecureCap and retrieved from the body. This method ensures that the remOVE Grasper securely holds the foreign body or the clip fragment in the remOVE SecureCap as the endoscope is retracted.


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