FTRD® System
The FTRD® System enables endoscopic full-thickness resection of lesions in the gastrointestinal tract.


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What is the FTRD® System?

The FTRD® System is a novel tool for flexible endoscopy for full-thickness resection and diagnostic tissue acquisition of suitable lesions in the digestive tract.

The technology is based on the well-established OTSC® System, enabling the endoscopist to resect all layers of suitable lesions including the serosa. The design of the FTRD® System ensures that the transection of the tissue happens only after the defect has been closed completely. At no time will abdominal cavity and bowel lumen be in contact.

Advantages of the FTRD® System

  • Transluminal minimally invasive technique
  • Proven OTSC® technology for safe tissue closure
  • Valid histologic evaluation of one en-bloc specimen according to residual tumor (R) classification
  • Minimal thermal injury
  • Complete instrument set for endoscopic full-thickness resection procedures

Application of the FTRD® System

The FTRD® System can be used in different parts of the digestive tract. Depending on the application site, specific versions are available. The colonic FTRD® and diagnostic FTRD® are intended for use in the colon and rectum, the gastroduodenal FTRD® for the use in the stomach and duodenum.