FTRD® Grasper

Special grasping forceps to retrieve target tissue during a FTRD® procedure To FTRD® Grasper


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Use of the FTRD® Grasper

Instrument for flexible endoscopy for grasping and manipulation of tissue and foreign bodies in the gastrointestinal tract, e.g. during interventions with the FTRD®.

The FTRD® Grasper

The FTRD® Grasper is used during endoscopic full-thickness resection with the FTRD®. The FTRD® Grasper are grasping forceps specially developed for the FTRD®. It facilitates both optimal grip on the target tissue and easy retrieval of the sample into the application cap of the FTRD®.


The FTRD® Grasper is included in each FTRD® Set; however, it can be ordered separately as well (5 items per package).

Dimensions and specifications

For use with the FTRD®For use alone
Max. instrument diameter2.3 mm2.3 mm
Range of the jaws130°130°
Appropriate endoscopesWorking channel diameter: min. 3.2 mmWorking channel diameter: min. 2.8 mm
Items per package1 included in each of the below Sets5
Reference number of the Set (incl. FTRD® Grasper)200.70 (colonic FTRD® Set)
200.76 (diagnostic FTRD® Set)
200.72 (gastroduodenal FTRD® Set)

Application of the FTRD® Grasper

Mobilising the tissue with the FTRD® Grasper

Insert endoscope and guide to resection site

Grasping and mobilizing
the lesion with
the FTRD® Grasper (1)

Grasping and mobilizing
the lesion with
the FTRD® Grasper (2)

Ensure that tissue to be resected is securely in the cap
Fix FTRD® Grasper
Apply clip

Resect tissue and retrieve specimen


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