A new dimension in endoscopic grasping.


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Use of the OTSG Xcavator®

The extra-large capacity of the OTSG Xcavator® allows easy and effective removal of necrotic tissue, blood clots, food boluses and foreign bodies.

The OTSG Xcavator®

The external control of the grasper leaves the working channel free for additional suction/irrigation capacity and allows the combination with further instruments (e.g. snares, graspers, etc.).

The conical design and transparent scoops allow effortless endoscopic insertion, even through a pre-applied stent (min. diameter 15 mm). The healthy tissue is protected by the blunt scoops during grasping.

If required, an additional guide wire (Ø max. 1 mm/0.038 in) can be used.

Dimensions and specifications

*The maximum outer diameter of the mounted instrument depends on the actual diameter of the endoscope.

OTSG Xcavator cap (1) For endoscope diameters from 9.5–10.5 mm
Flexible shaft (2) Shaft length 165 cm
Handle (3) Sliding handle for opening and closing
Sleeve and adhesive tape (4)
Packaging unit 2 pieces
Reference number 200.15

Application of the OTSG Xcavator®

Introduction to the necrosis cave
Opening the OTSG Xcavator®
Grasping the necrotic tissue
Retreat from the necrosis cave
Removal of the tissue by means of irrigation


* Source: PD Dr. Christoph Schlag, Klinikum rechts der Isar, Technical University Munich, Germany


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