remOVE Shield

Adhesive film which protects the optical lens of an endoscope To remOVE Shield


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Use of the remOVE Shield

The remOVE Shield is an adhesive film which protects the optical lens of a flexible endoscope from flying sparks when using the remOVE System. The remOVE Shield must be attached to the endoscope lens before use of the remOVE System, to protect the lens from damage by particles.

The remOVE Shield is part of the remOVE DC Cutter and of the remOVE FBR Set.

The remOVE Shield is not cleared for clinical use in the United States.

Dimensions and specifications

Max. width45 mm
Items per package2
Reference number of the remOVE DC Cutter SetremOVE DC Cutter Set 12: 400.02.01 (incl. remOVE DC Cutter, remOVE SecureCap 12, remOVE Grasper and remOVE Shield)

remOVE DC Cutter Set 14: 400.02.02 (incl. remOVE DC Cutter, remOVE SecureCap 14, remOVE Grasper and remOVE Shield)

Application of the remOVE Shield



Affix the protective film to the endoscope as described in the following steps:

Step 1: Rub the endoscope dry before affixing the remOVE Shield.

Step 2: Carefully remove the remOVE Shield from its backing.

Step 3: Position the remOVE Shield on the endoscope lens, making sure that neither the working channel nor the flushing opening of the endoscope are covered.


Step 4: Wrap the film’s short tabs around the endoscope tip and fi x in place by applying light pressure. Repeat the procedure with film’s long tabs.


Step 5: After switching on the endoscope, check that the remOVE Shield is securely fixed on the lens. If undesired air bubbles can be seen in the endoscopic image, the fi lm can be smoothed out by applying light pressure to the lens. If air bubbles continue to be present, remove the remOVE Shield and use the second one.

Important notes

Before application the endoscope has to be protected using the remOVE Shield.


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