Corporate Responsibility

We are fully committed to fulfilling our corporate responsibility towards people, society and the environment. As innovators in medical technology, our most important contribution to society is discovering new methods for detecting and treating diseases.

Our commitment is based on the following four areas in particular:

  • Humanitarian aid and health promotion
  • Improving the compatibility of family and work
  • Supporting social diversity
  • Environmental and species protection

Through various projects and investments, we contribute to the support of social objectives.

Ovesco Endoscopy advocates an appreciative and unbiased working environment that values talent based on performance - regardless of age, gender, ethnicity origin and nationality, religion and belief or sexual orientation.

Internationality and diversity are a matter of course for us. A third of our employees have a history of migration in their families. At our headquarters in Tübingen alone, we employ people from 16 nations.

In July 2019, we signed the "Charta der Vielfalt", an initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions, under the patronage of the German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel.

World map

We are pleased to be part of Germany's diversity network and to promote and shape diversity in our company. In this context, we addressed this issue as part of the German Diversity Day on 18th May 2021. The stainless steel world map (which hangs in our cafeteria in Tübingen) shows the different nationalities of our employees, the locations of our headquarters and subsidiaries as well as our distributors.

Diversity Quiz 2021

In May 2021, European Diversity Month took place for the first time. We wanted to know how well our employees know about diversity. Therefore, we challenged them to take part in the "Charta der Vielfalt"(Diversity Charter) DIVERSITY.Quiz. We are proud to announce that this activity was very well received by the Ovesco campus team. The proud winners of the quiz received small prizes - see picture.


As a medical technology company, the promotion of health is particularly important to us. That is why we support people in need with a wide variety of projects.

Ovesco Endoscopy and our employees regularly collect donations to support the "Help for Sick Children" foundation, a children's health initiative at the University Hospital of Tübingen. We do this through joint actions in favour of the foundation and thus support its work for sick children and their families.

We also carry out various other projects and initiatives to help people in need both regionally and internationally.

Ovesco Endoscopy is member of the Gastroenterlogy Foundation e.V.

With our membership in the Gastroenterology Foundation e.V., we support the establishment of endoscopy departments and the training of medical professionals in emerging countries.


Ovesco Endoscopy helps patients in South Africa

Ovesco helps patients with gastrointestinal diseases in South Africa with free delivery of innovative medical products

In December 2021, our distribution partner First Medical was on the road with a "mobile team of doctors" in a pink truck to treat patients free of charge in South Africa. This campaign helped many patients in South Africa who would otherwise be denied access to medical care.

The report with video

Ovesco Endoscopy funded 555 endoscopies in India for people in need

We funded a total of 555 endoscopies in two different hospitals in India, enabling patients to have their symptoms clarified and thus receive treatment according to their needs.




Ovesco Endoscopy AG donates € 4,551 to the Help for Sick Children Foundation of the University Children's Hospital Tübingen

During the Advent season 2021, the Manufacturing & Operations department of Ovesco Endoscopy AG decided to revive the charity campaign initiated 2 years ago in the form of selling various goodies.
After eight successful sales days, the employees of the Ovesco Campus raised € 1,517. As with the last charity campaign, the companies Ovesco Endoscopy AG and novineon CRO GmbH each doubled the amount, so that in the end a proud donation of € 4,551 was collected.

Ovesco employees donate €3.314,05 to the foundation „help for sick children“

Over the Christmas period 2019, the manufacturing & operations department at Ovesco Endoscopy AG organized a bake sale. Home-made cakes and pastries were sold for a symbolic price of 1 Euro supplemented with an additional voluntary donation. This sum was donated to the Tübingen University Children’s Hospital’s charity “Help for Sick Children”.
The foundation helps families who have financial difficulties due to the serious illness or handicap of their child. more



We are committed to preserving our environment and using renewable energy.

Ovesco Endoscopy contributes to energy conservation and carbon reduction with its corporate building, operations and mobility behaviour. Our head office is a low-energy building according to the E55 energy standard and uses only about half the energy needed for normal buildings. We also operate a sophisticated photovoltaic system and buy 100% of the remaining electricity from renewable energy sources, making us completely carbon neutral from an electricity point of view.

With our CO2-compensated sales vehicle fleet, Ovesco sales representatives visit our customers in a carbon neutral way.

Corporate solar power plant and renewable energy sourcing

Ovesco Endoscopy operates a state-of-the-art solar power plant. The 160 310-Watt modules of the plant produce approx. 940 kWh/kWp per annum and thus save an equivalent of 41 t of CO2 emissions.

It achieves an almost complete coverage of the basic electrical requirements of the building. The rest of the electricity we use also comes from 100% renewable energy.

Photovoltaic not only benefits climate protection, but also the economic efficiency of power supply in industry.


The coexistence of family and career is an important topic, especially in a performance-oriented environment. It is our concern to support the compatibility of family and career and to reduce conflicts between professional development and a fulfilled private life.

Since 2018 Ovesco Endocsopy is awarded with the "familyNET award" for being a "family-conscious company". Our organisation has been assessed in the areas of leadership, human resources development, organisation, communication, financial and family services, health and community involvement, etc.

For the parents among our employees, the MiniCampus offers a company day care facility at our corporate headquarters.

Certified as a family-friendly company

For Ovesco it is important to be supportive towards our employees throughout all stages of life. The FamilyNET Award of Baden-Wuerttemberg was given to us, following an appraisal process, where leadership competence, workplace organization, and benefits for families are analyzed and regularly audited.

Ovesco Minicampus – on-site daycare center for kids

For the parents among our employees, the MiniCampus offers a company day care facility at our corporate headquarters, looking after their children.
This allows parents to better handle the coexistence of family and career.