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Ovesco is member of the Gastroenterlogy Foundation e.V.

With our membership in the Gastroenterology Foundation e.V., we support the establishment of endoscopy departments and the training of medical professionals in emerging countries.

The Gastroenterology Foundation e.V. was founded in 1996 by Prof. Meinhard Classen with the aim of giving people in emerging countries access to medical care in the field of gastroenterology.

The Foundation is based on “helping people to help themselves” and only supports projects with long-term development potential.

In addition to providing concrete support for the establishment of endoscopic departments, the Foundation also provides further training for the specialist staff of the new centres. The further training takes place both in Germany and locally. In addition, the departments are supported in the purchase of new medical equipment and necessary consumables.

The members of the Foundation travel to the project countries at their own expense and work 100% on a voluntary basis.

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