OTSC Clips Ovesco Endoscopy
Meta-analysis, comprising ten studies, showed that OTSC compared with standard therapy for severe NVUGIB, has
An overview article in “Der Gastroenterologe (the gastroenterologist)” presents the AWC as one of four
OTSC Clips Ovesco Endoscopy
OTSC®: Case series on OTSC application for various upper gastrointestinal indications in an East Asian
AWC Additional working channel Ovesco Endoscopy
AWC®: ESD+ technique for the resection of 4-cm recurrent rectal intramucosal adenocarcinoma led to good
OTSC and mini OTSC approval Brasil
We are very proud to announce that our products OTSC® System and mini OTSC® System
OTSC Clips Ovesco Endoscopy
A systematic review evaluating 9 studies with overall 107 patients who underwent closure of anastomotic
OTSC Clip Ovesco Endoscopy
A study analyzing data of two referral pediatric endoscopy units identified 24 OTSC applications in
Ovesco delivery capability
An internal evaluation of the delivery capability and speed to our German, French and US
OTSC Clips Ovesco Endoscopy
Multicenter RCT published in Gut – STING 2 trial on first line hemostasis shows superiority
stentfix OTSC®: 76.5% relative risk reduction of SEMS migration associated with utilization of stentfix OTSC®