Monopolar electrosurgical instrument for blunt dissection and hemostasis using flexible endoscopes.


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Use of the Coag Dissector

Instrument for blunt dissection of tissue and for the treatment of haemorrhage for flexible endoscopy.

The Coag Dissector

  • Monopolar electrosurgical instrument for blunt tissue dissection and coagulation
  • Rotatable, flexible instrument shaft for a precise alignment of the grasper tip
  • Curved grasper for optimal targeting of the tissue
  • Compatible with a working channel diameter of minimum 2.8 mm
  • Length of instrument shaft: 165 cm

Dimensions and specifications

Sliding handle for opening (A1) and closing (A2) the jaws
HF connector, 3 mm (B)
Rotatable, flexible shaft (C) 165 cm
Curved grasper for coagulation and blunt dissection of tissue (D) Length of jaws: 6 mm
Appropriate working channel diameter 2.8 mm
Packaging unit 1 piece
Article number 200.50

Application of Coag Dissector

Targeting and grasping of bleeding tissue with the Coag Dissector. Curved jaws provide good overview.
Mechanical compression and application of RF energy.
Effective hemostasis.
Marking of resection margins by placing coagulation points with the AqaNife®.
Initial injection of injection fluid
Fluid re-injection into submucosal layer using the flushing capabilities of the AqaNife®.
Preparation of submucosal space can be assisted by blunt spreading with the Coag Dissector.


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