Ovesco Endoscopy AG donates € 3,314.05 to “Help for Sick Children”

Ovesco Endoscopy AG donates € 3,314.05 to “Help for Sick Children”, the charity at the Tübingen University Children’s Hospital.

A small idea turned into a successful campaign!

Over the Advent season 2019, the manufacturing & operations department at Ovesco Endoscopy AG decided to set up a charitable campaign.

For this purpose, the M&O employees organised cake sales on four days, each for the start and end of the week. For each event, the initiators baked a variety of home-made delicacies. Colleagues from other departments, who spontaneously decided to join, were welcome and contributed their cake donations as well. Each piece was sold for a symbolic price of 1 Euro and could be combined with an additional voluntary donation.

At the end of the campaign – after four successful days of activity – 1,038.05 € had been collected by the employees on the Ovesco Campus. The companies Ovesco Endoscopy AG and novineon CRO GmbH then tripled the amount, whereby a total donation of 3,314.05 € was achieved.

This sum was donated to the Tübingen University Children’s Hospital’s charity “Help for Sick Children”.
The foundation helps families who get into financial difficulties due to the serious illness or handicap of their child.

With our donation we hope we can offer a family some necessary support.