Thermoreversible injection agent for endoscopic resection  To LiftUp®


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Use of LiftUp®

LiftUp® serves as an injection agent for endoscopic resection techniques such as ESD, EMR and POEM. It gels thermoreversibly at body temperature and forms a stable and long-lasting cushion in the submucosa. It optimally supplements the resection techniques EMR+ and ESD+.

The LiftUp®

The new injection agent LiftUp® – for safe and simple1 EMR and ESD – offers many advantages:

• Creates a permanent cushion in the submucosa even after mucosa incision2
• Time saving due to fewer post injections3
• Separates and exposes layers and structures

1 Wedi, E., Ho, C.-N., Conrad, G., Weiland, T., Freidinger, S., Wehrmann, M., Meining, A., Ellenrieder, V., Gottwald, T., Schurr, MO., Hochberger, J. (2019).
Preclinical evaluation of a novel thermally sensitive co-polymer (LiftUp) for endoscopic resection.
Minim Invasive Ther Allied Technol, 28(5), 277–284. doi: 10.1080/13645706.2018.1535440

2 Wedi, E., Koehler, P., Hochberger, J., Maiss, J., Milenovic, S., Gromski, M., Ho, C.-N., Gabor, C., Baulain, U., Ellenrieder, V., Jung, C. (2019).
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3 Meier, B., Wannhoff, A., Klinger, C., & Caca, K. (2019).
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Dimensions and specifications

LiftUp® Kit

The kit contains the necessary components for the LiftUp® injection
Items per package5 vials LiftUp® à 20 ml
5 disposable syringes
5 injection needles
Reference number200.56.02


ComponentsWater, poloxamers, sodium chloride, methylene blue
Volume20 ml
Items per package5 vials à 20 ml
Reference number200.56.01

Application of LiftUp®

LiftUp® injection into the submucosa

Injection of LiftUp®  into the submucosa

Execution of the endoscopic resection, e.g. EMR or ESD, as usual


*Source: Dr. B. Meier, Hospital Ludwigsburg, Germany [ex-vivo model]


Marking of the lesion with the snare tip

Injection of LiftUp® into the submucosa

Circumferential incision with the snare tip

Elevation of the lesion with  FTRD® Grasper
or OTSC® Anchor and snare closure

Push-back* of the OTSC® Anchor or FTRD® Grasper while snare stays closed and subsequent resection

*Note: Anchor needles must not be captured with the snare during the push-back move. If in doubt, the anchor needles can be closed to avoid a short circuit.


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