Specially serrated snare for better endoscopic tissue acquisition.


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Use of the Traction Polypectomy Snare

Instrument for flexible endoscopy for grasping and removing tissue in the gastrointestinal tract

The Traction Polypectomy Snare

Ovesco’s Traction Polypectomy Snare is a multifilament, serrated snare for endoscopic tissue acquisition procedures such as polypectomy, endoscopic mucosa resection (EMR) or similar techniques. It is a monopolar high-frequency instrument.

Enhanced effectiveness of snare resection:

  • 30% more tissue capture per resection*
  • Solid grip even on flat adenomas
  • Easy re-positioning thanks to easy opening
  • Reduced number of specimens (less piece-meal)
  • Histo-pathological assessment facilitated

* Proßt RL, Baur FE. A new serrated snare for improved tissue capture during endoscopic snare resection. Minim Invasive Ther Allied Technol. 2010; 19:2; 100-4

Dimensions and specifications

Sliding handle for opening (A1) and closing (A2) the snare
HF (3-mm) connector (B)
Flexible shaft (C) Length: 220 cm
Snare with spikes for grasping and removing polyps (D) Diameter: 25 mm
Appropriate working channel diameter from 2.8 mm
Items per package 10
Reference number 200.55.10


Components Water, poloxamers, sodium chloride, methylene blue
Volume 20 ml
Items per package 5 vials à 20 ml
Reference number 200.56.01

Application of the Traction Polypectomy Snare

Injection into the submucosa
Positioning of snare and OTSC® Anchor or FTRD® Grasper
Elevation of the lesion and snare closure
Push-back* of the OTSC® Anchor or FTRD® Grasper while snare stays closed and subsequent resection

* Note: Anchor needles must not be captured with the snare during the push-back move. If in doubt, the anchor needles can be closed to avoid a short circuit.

Example *:

* Source: Prof. K. Caca Dr. B. Meier, Hospital Ludwigsburg, Germany [In-vivo model]

Injection with LiftUp®
Circumferential incision (with AqaNife® or snare tip)
Endoscopic submucosal dissection with AqaNife®
Resection in EMR+ technique (snare, grasper and AWC®)


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