Dr. Arthur Schmidt, Ludwigsburg, Germany, honored for best contribution in category &…

Dr. Schmidt, Department of Inner Medicine, Gastroenterology, Hemato-Oncology, Diabetology and Infectiology, Ludwigsburg Hospital, Germany, received an award for the best contribution in the upper GI tract at the DGE-BV congress 2017 in Berlin. Dr. Schmidt presented the results of the prospective randomized controlled multicenter STING (Stop bleeding) trial which investigates the efficacy of OTSC vs standard therapy for hemostasis for recurrent ulcer bleeding.
The award was conferred by the German Association of Endoscopy and Imaging Techniques (DGE-BV) within the scope of the congress on 8 April 2017.

Over-the-scope clips (OTSC) vs standard therapy for the treatment of recurrent ulcer bleeding – a prospective randomized controlled multicenter study (STING)

A. Schmidt, Ludwigsburg
S. Gölder, Augsburg
H. Messmann, Augsburg
M. Götz, Tübingen
T. Kratt, Schlieren/Schweiz
A. Meining, Ulm
M. Birk, Ulm
S. von Delius, München
J. Albert, Stuttgart
M. Escher, Stuttgart
J. Lau, Hong Kong
A. Hoffmann, Wiesbaden
R. Wiest, Bern/Schweiz
B. Riecken, Ludwigsburg
K. Caca, Ludwigsburg