Market approval for LiftUp® in Australia and New Zealand

Ovesco is proud to announce that LiftUp® has received market approval in Australia and New Zealand. It is a new injection agent for endoscopic resection techniques such as ESD, EMR and POEM. Due to its thermoreversible properties it becomes a gel at body temperature and forms a stable and long-lasting cushion in the submucosa.

Preclinical evaluation shows that LiftUp is an effective alternative to common injection solutions1 and could fasten up endoscopic resection because of its long-lasting and pronounced lifting effect2. Together with our procedural concepts EMR+ and ESD+ it delivers an optimized endoscopic resection technique.

Further information on LiftUp can be found here:
Flyer LiftUp

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2 Preclinical evaluation of a novel thermally sensitive co-polymer (LiftUp) for endoscopic resection.
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