Highlights from our webinar “Turn Challenges Into Success Stories” – now available

We are honored to present the highlights (17 mins) of our webinar “Turn Challenges Into Success Stories” that happened 22nd of January 2021. It presents the insights of a team coaching approach in a complex European networking project with 16 young international researchers from 8 nations.

The consortium was composed of 3 universities, 2 hospitals, and 3 companies located in different countries in Europe. The main WiBEC (Wireless In-Body Environment; https://www.ntnu.edu/wibec) objectives were excellent research, innovative doctoral education, new knowledge and skills to solve current and future challenges in medical technologies and healthcare.

8 reasons for watching the webinar „TURN CHALLENGES INTO SUCCESS STORIES“:

  1. Best practice example of empowering high potentials
  2. Feedback from key players who consider a coaching process as success factor for projects
  3. Tips and methods for career development
  4. Being introduced to key factors of a culturally diverse team
  5. Getting to know an innovative training network for PhD students
  6. Supporting yourself and others as next generations of leaders
  7. Strategic advice on gender diversity challenges
  8. A strong statement for team coaching as accelerating factor for project results

Click on the link below to view the highlights:
Webinar Highlights | Turn challenges Into Success Stories