Ovesco HemoPill® acute was presented at the International Endoscopy Symposium

HemoPill® acute for gastrointestinal diagnosis and its future clinical routine – an Interview (Click here to see the whole video)

Dr. Sebastian Schostek, head of research and development of diagnostic systems at Ovesco Endoscopy AG talks with Prof. Alexander Meining from university hospital Würzburg about the clinical application of the HemoPill® acute. This device is a non-imaging swallowable capsule for the real-time detection of gastrointestinal bleeding.

Prof. Meining sees an important application of the HemoPill® acute for non-critically ill and stable patients, in order to be able to determine the right time for an endoscopy. With this tool, they get a quick answer whether they should do an emergency endoscopy or postpone it to a later date. Additionally, the patients do not need a preparation before application.

The interview was shown at the 23rd Düsseldorf International Endoscopy Symposium.