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HemoPill monitor: First case of long-term (28 day) use successful

First application of the HemoPill® monitor capsule for 28 days in patient with fundus variceal bleeding technically successful and clinically straightforward

Key findings
• Long term out of hospital monitoring (28 days) of potential re-bleeding after endoscopic treatment in patient with fundus variceal bleeding
• 10 events were detected by the system throughout the monitoring period, with a combined estimated time of 90 minutes, showing the system’s ability to detect even small haemorrhages
• Mucosal haemorrhage due to penetrating cyanoacrylate was postulated as a possible cause of the self-limiting bleeding
• Patient was able to handle the system easily and without complications

Case details
• Capsule was fixed with an OTSC® Clip in the distal corpus as part of an EGD (duration 8 min)
• Control endoscopies were performed on day 15 and day 28
• Patient had daily blood pressure measurements and weekly Hb checks
• Clip and capsule were removed on day 28 with the remOVE System without complications

Brand M, Meining A. A new capsule for long term monitoring in suspected upper GI-bleeding – first in human use of the HemoPill monitor™. ESGE Days 2024 (25-27 April), Berlin, Germany.

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