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FTRD® case study – successful full-thickness resection via balloon-dilated stoma

Successful resection of a residual scar in the right colon through a cutaneous stoma with FTRD®

Key findings
• Narrow opening of the cutaneous stoma was dilated with a 20 mm esophageal balloon catheter
• Right colon residual scar was accessed through the dilated stoma with a 11.6 mm gastroscope with mounted FTRD®
• Clip placement, full-thickness resection, and withdrawal through the stoma were possible without any problem

Case details
• 81-year-old man with terminal stoma due to Hartman resection for colorectal adenocarcinoma
• EMR of 7 mm polypoid sessile lesion
• Histological examination showed intramucosal adenocarcinoma but the vertical expansion of the neoplastic verge was non-evaluable, making FTR of the residual scar necessary

Azzolini F, Mandarino FV, Barchi A, Fanti L, Viale E, Esposito D, Danese S. Challenging full-thickness resection of post endoscopic mucosectomy residual scar in right colon, accessed via a balloon-dilated stoma. Endoscopy. 2022;54(Suppl 2):E1024-5.

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