Ovesco delivery capability

Ovesco offers high and fast delivery capability

An internal evaluation of the delivery capability and speed to our German, French and US customers showed that we can serve hospital orders quickly and reliably also during the Corona pandemic.

For 92% of all orders from German and French hospitals, a maximum of 24 hours elapsed between receipt of the order and delivery – the vast majority left our central warehouse in Tübingen on the same day as the order. Only 4% of the orders had a shipping time of > 3 days.
By adding another shipping service provider, express ordering in Germany is also ensured in emergencies.

Also in the US 84 % of the orders left our warehouse in a maximum of 24 hours and 90 % in a maximum of 2 days. Only ~ 7 % of orders had a delivery time > 3 days often due to a mandatory training course for the FTRD System being still outstanding.

Many thanks for this great performance to our customer service and logistics.

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