June 2021: OTSG Xcavator® – available now

A new dimension in endoscopic grasping: the OTSG Xcavator®

The removal of hard to grasp tissues and foreign bodies from the gastrointestinal tract often represents a challenge in endoscopy. Then as an endoscopist, you need a tool for reliable and effective removal of tissue.

The OTSG Xcavator® now represents a new dimension in endoscopic grasping. The extra-large grasping capacity of the OTSG Xcavator® allows easy and effective removal of necrotic tissue, blood clots, food boluses, and foreign bodies. Due to the external control, the working channel remains free for additional suction/irrigation capacity and allows the combination with further instruments (e.g. snares, graspers, etc.).

Professor Meining first presented the instrument at Endoscopy on Air 2020 and Dr. Brand published the first case study in the journal Endoscopy. Just recently, the OTSG Xcavator® was also demonstrated at Endoskopie Live in Berlin by Professor Faiss, as well as by Dr. Möschler at the congress “Viszeralmedizin NRW”.

Watch the assembly of the OTSG Xcavator®  on our YouTube channel.

Visit the product website for more details on the instrument and clinical examples.

You can order the OTSG Xcavator® (Art.No. 200.15) from us since June 2021. For orders or quotes, please contact your local sales representative or use our contact form.