Change in the Executive and Supervisory Boards of Ovesco Endoscopy AG

Tuebingen, Germany, June 30th, 2021 – Frank Ramsperger, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Ovesco Endoscopy AG announced reorganization in the management of the company.

After serving 12 years as Member of the Executive Board, Prof. Dr. Thomas Gottwald decided to retire from his position to have more capacity for private life and other activities. Thomas Gottwald has been appointed as a member of the Supervisory Board and will replace Peter Greiser, who resigned from his position with the Annual General Meeting for the corporate year of 2020.

Frank Ramsperger thanked Thomas Gottwald for his enormous contribution helping Ovesco grow from a start-up firm to a medium-sized business and, being a surgeon, for his commitment to advancing clinical science and technology for flexible endoscopy. “His effort to open the Asian-pacific markets for Ovesco has been a major achievement for our company and forms a solid basis for future opportunities and we thank him very much for the successful work for more than a decade.”, Ramsperger said.

“Thomas has been invaluable for Ovesco, bringing in his combined medical and business expertise and there is no doubt, that Ovesco took great benefit from his significant work. On a personal level I regret his retirement much and wish him enjoyable time with family and private and business activities.”, added Prof. Dr. Marc Schurr, his colleague in the Executive Board. Thomas Gottwald will remain a shareholder of Ovesco and continue his support in the Supervisory Board.

Furthermore, Peter Greiser’s support of Ovesco’s growth was emphasized for making his broad entrepreneurial experience in the medtech industry available to the company.

Marc Schurr was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Ovesco, after the Board had acted as a duumvirate before. He will lead the future pathway of the company and its mission to deliver groundbreaking innovation to gastrointestinal medicine and strengthening our position in the market. He said “Our creative and talented people and our excellent broader management are Ovesco’s foundation for further success”.

Geoffrey Yates, President of Ovesco Endoscopy USA, Inc., was promoted to become Member of the Executive Board of the mother company Ovesco Endoscopy AG. He will be Chief Commercial Officer for the Americas, underlining the importance of the US market for Ovesco and bringing his expertise in marketing and sales to the Board. Geoffrey Yates said “I am excited about this additional opportunity to contribute to the future success of Ovesco. An important step for us will be the opening of our new corporate facility in Cary, NC, early next year, including manufacturing, customer training and R&D”.

All changes are effective July 1st, 2021.