Ovesco is official top partner of the Tübingen Tigers

We are proud to be the official top partner of the Tübingen Tigers from the 2022/23 season onwards.

The Tübingen basketball team is the region’s sporting flagship, finished last season as the top team in the 2nd Bundesliga ProA and is aiming for the playoffs and promotion to the first Bundesliga this season.

We are convinced by the Tigers’ concept of giving special emphasis to the promotion of young talent.
An integral part of this partnership are the shared values that connect Ovesco and the Tigers: the courage to change, the assumption of social responsibility and the focus on sustainable development of talent.

The home games of the Tigers Tübingen take place in the Paul Horn Arena in Tübingen. It can seat up to 3,132 spectators. The steeply rising stands and the proximity to the pitch make for a great experience.

We are looking forward to the season together, let’s go Tigers!