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OTSG Xcavator® case report: Successful necrosectomy of an extensive walled-off necrosis

Use of the OTSG Xcavator in a patient with acute walled-off necrosis showed effective removal of the solid debris. The novel device optimized the necrosectomy by making the procedure more effective and faster.

At the ESGE Days 2023, F. Pereira Correia, Hospital Professor Doutor Fernando Fonseca, Amadora, Portugal presented a case study on necrosectomy of a walled-off necrosis with the OTSG Xcavator.

The OTSG Xcavator was used in a 34-year-old man, who was admitted to the emergency department due to acute biliary pancreatitis (BISAP 2). The patient had a severe clinical evolution with acute necrotic and organized collections (walled-off necrosis, WON). In addition, a rupture of a pseudoaneurysm occurred inside the WON, which was treated with arterial embolization. Due to a suspected infection of the WON, broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy was started, and endoscopy was planned for drainage. One week later, endoscopic necrosectomy was performed. After transgastric drainage with LAMS, necrosectomy was performed using the OTSG Xcavator from Ovesco. The device is specifically designed for large volume grasping and therefore effectively removed the necrotic tissue.

As the OTSG Xcavator allows the introduction of liquids or the simultaneous use of other devices, Pereira Correia perceives the free working channel as a great benefit of the device. In this case, the OTSG Xcavator optimized the necrosectomy by making the procedure more effective and faster.

Pereira Correia F, Figueiredo ML, Rafael MA, Bragança S, Alexandrino G, Branco JC, Carvalho Lourenço L, Horta D. Endoscopic necrosectomy of extensive WON with solid debris using OTSG: Once you dig, you`ve got to clean it. ESGE Days 2023 (April 20-22), Dublin, Ireland.

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