Press release | Ovesco Endoscopy honored as family-friendly company

Stuttgart, December 11, 2018 – Three medical technology companies of Tübingen receive the familyNET Award “Family-Friendly Company”.

The companies Ovesco Endoscopy AG, novineon Healthcare Technology Partners GmbH and Tuebingen Scientific Medical GmbH were awarded for their conscious attitude towards compatibility of family and work life. This year, they are the pioneers in the medical technology sector from the State Baden-Württemberg and the only winners of the districts Tübingen and Reutlingen.
The companies were reviewed and audited in the fields of leadership competence and human resource development, workplace, work time and organization, communication, monetary services, service for families, health as well as civil engagement. For special appreciation of the employees and for internal improvements, Ovesco will establish an in-house daycare center for example. The upcoming joint occupation of the new company building of Ovesco will realize further promotion of employees.

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