PD Dr. Arthur Schmidt, Ludwigsburg, Germany, honored for WALL RESECT study at GASTRO UPDATE

PD Dr Schmidt, Department of Inner Medicine II, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Endocrinology and Infectiology, University Hospital Freiburg, Germany, received the NorGA award for outstanding works in the field of gastroenterology at the GASTRO UPDATE seminar 2018 in Wiesbaden. PD Dr Schmidt presented the prospective multicentre study on colonoscopic full-thickness resection (WALL RESECT), which confirms efficacy and safety of the FTRD device for difficult-to-resect colorectal lesions. The award was conferred by the scientific direction of the Gastro Update 2018 within the scope of the pre-symposium on 1 March 2018. PD Dr Schmidt received a prize money for his work.

Colonoscopic full-thickness resection using an over-the-scope device: a prospective multicentre study in various indications

Schmidt A, Beyna T, Schumacher B, Meining A, Richter-Schrag HJ, Messmann H, Neuhaus H, Albers D, Birk M, Thimme R, Probst A, Faehndrich M, Frieling T, Goetz M, Riecken B, Caca K (2017)

Gut 2017;0:1–10. doi:10.1136/gutjnl-2016-313677