First clinical cases with LiftUp® reveal promising results, proving it as valuable, safe and fast

The novel submucosal injection agent LiftUp was successfully used in a first clinical case series with 10 patients. Resection of colorectal polyps (median lesion size of 20.5 mm) was macroscopically complete in 100 %. R0 resection was achieved in 78 %. No adverse events were reported.

M. Schaefer et al. reported on the first experience with the novel agent LiftUp for submucosal injection. 10 consecutive patients (median age 74.5 years; 6 male, 4 female) with colorectal polyps ≥ 15 mm were included. Lesions were localized in the rectum (n=5), caecum (n=2), sigmoid (n=1), transverse colon (n=1), and ascending colon (n=1) and the median lesion size was 20.5 mm (range: 15-30 mm). To assess endoscopic resection after LiftUp injection, EMR (8 patients) or ESD (2 patients) were performed. Median volume of LiftUp was 5.25 ml (range 2-12 ml) and median procedure time was 2.25 minutes for EMR and 5.5 minutes for ESD. In all 10 cases macroscopic complete resection was achieved and the R0 resection rate was 78 % (7/9). No adverse events occurred.

The authors concluded that endoscopic resection with LiftUp is feasible, safe, and fast. However, larger studies are needed for better evaluation of efficacy and safety.

First human in-vivo experience with novel agent for submucosal injection (LiftUp)
Moritz Schaefer, Benjamin Meier, Andreas Wannhoff, Karel Caca.
ePoster submitted at DDW 2020; No. 3351549.