As from now, the sales team of ovesco Endoscopy AG will change over to climate-neutral driving

„Everyone is just talking about it – ovesco does it“ – thanks to ARKTIK, climate-neutral driving will be done by the field service vehicles of the ovesco-fleet as from now. This is actively lived climate protection.

Through a certified CO2 compensation measure for each company vehicle, ovesco Endoscopy AG supports the climate protection projects corresponding to the guidelines of the gold standard co-developed by the WWF.
Based on individual fuel consumption and mileage, ARKTIK GmbH, Hamburg, Germany, calculates the amount of CO2 emissions caused by each individual vehicle. When buying the climate vignette, ovesco sales representatives thus support climate protection projects, mainly through reforestation. These projects save exactly the amount of CO2 that have been calculated based on the data provided for our vehicles. At the same time, all projects benefit the local environment and the social concerns of the local population. ARKTIK calls this „green development aid“ – ovesco is behind this.

CO2 compensation is not a purely symbolic act, but an effective instrument to protect the climate. Climate protection projects promote efficient technologies or reforestation projects that would otherwise not be realizable. Thus emissions originating elsewhere are concretely compensated. Compensation measures are directly effective and easy to implement.

Contact information:
Ovesco Endoscopy AG
Kelly Robyn Norton,
(Assistant of the Board; Prof. Dr. Marc O. Schurr)