Conference Report of DDW 2021

Conference report of the Digestive Disease Week (DDW) 2021

The conference of the Digestive Disease Week (DDW) 2021 took place on May 21-23 2021 as a virtual event. The presentations including Ovesco products are summarized in this report: Conference Report of DDW 2021.

stentfix OTSC® System:
– Preventing migration of FCSEMS: stentfix OTSC shows advantages in comparison to no fixation and endoscopic suturing
– How to prevent migration of esophageal stents: efficacy and safety of endoscopic fixation with suturing, stentfix OTSC and hemostatic clips

FTRD® System:
– Exploring the role of full-thickness resection with FTRD System in the management and staging of patients with suspected T1 colorectal carcinoma
– An alternative to surgical resection: EFTR with FTRD System at an academic tertiary care cancer center setting
– EFTR of upper gastrointestinal lesions with colonic FTRD – A retrospective observational of a 13 cases series
– FTR in the UGIT: efficacy and safety of diagnostic FTRD and gastroduodenal FTRD

OTSC® System:
– Presentation of comparative data regarding OTSC vs standard therapy for the prevention of rebleeding in peptic ulcers
– A Purely Endoscopic Management Approach for Type V Mirizzi Syndromes
– Endoscopically Directed Single Port Intragastric Fundoplication, Sleeve, and Myotomy: A Preclinical Study

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