International Multicenter Study suggests FTRD could become treatment of choice for dNETs

Retrospective, international multicenter study on FTRD® for duodenal neuroendocrine tumors reveals promising results.

Key findings
• Resection of dNETs with FTRD proved successful with technical success in 163 cases (95.9%) and R0 resection rate of 83.7% in the duodenum (p=0.002)
• Lesions near the pylorus continue to be challenging, with a R0 rate of 62.0%
• Adverse events were at 19.4% (intraprocedural n=10, postprocedural n=24 and late n=1)

Study details
• 170 cases in 35 centers were identified. The median age was 6 5; 59.4% of patients were male
• Median size of the lesion was 10 mm (range 0-25)
• 143 dNETs (84.1%) were in the duodenal bulb, of which 61 (35.9%) were close to the pylorus
• 15 cases of deep infiltration involving the muscularis propria were identified
• Median duration of the procedure was 43 minutes

Wannhoff A, Nabi Z, Moons L, Haber G, Ge P, Dertmann T, Deprez P, Bouvette C., Mueller J, Grande G, Kaminski M, Kim J, Weich A, Bauerfeind P, George J, Pioche M, Mandarino F, Kouladouros K, Tribonias G, Boger P, Hayee B, Bilal M, Albers S, Leclercq P, Gregorios P, Caselitz M, Sharma A, Arulprakash S, Zachäus M, Irani S, Barret M, Hoare J, Denzer U, Moog G, Ebigbo A, Caca, K. Endoscopic full-thickness resection of duodenal neuroendocrine tumors using the Full-Thickness-Resection Device (FTRD): Results from a large, retrospective, multicenter study. ESGE Days 2024 (25-27 April), Berlin, Germany.

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