EndoDigital – Digitalization of user trainings and experimental activities at Ovesco

Ovesco Endoscopy AG seizes new opportunities through digital transformation for its workflow in research and customer training. This digitalization initiative uses modern technology and integrates it efficiently into Ovesco’s established processes.

Ovesco’s current digitalization project is called “EndoDigital” and aims at making the existing endoscopic research and training center at its headquarter in Tübingen online-capable, so that online components can be integrated in user trainings. This will also enable clinical users to connect live to experiments in the laboratory to foster the application-driven and user-oriented nature of Ovesco’s research activities. The project will be implemented by an internal digitalization team formed by the Product Management and R&D departments until August 2021.

This initiative is supported by the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Housing Baden-Württemberg as part of its program “Digitalisierungsprämie Plus”.