Innovative clipping system intended for endoscopic treatment of gastrointestinal hemorrhage and closure of acute and chronic wall lesions.

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OTSC®neo: Inspired by you – Making a great device even better.

OTSC®neo is the further development of our proven OTSC® System and a complete performance evolution based on intensive discussions with our users.

OTSC®neo: Inspired by you

Since its market launch in 2008, OTSC® has become firmly established in endoscopic care. Over 600 worldwide studies, including 5 randomized controlled trials (RCTs), show the efficacy of OTSC® for hemostasis and the closure of wall lesions and fistulas. At Ovesco, we focus on continuous development and product innovation to not only maintain our high standards, but to constantly improve them.

We therefore attach great importance to an intensive exchange with users from the field. Their feedback, ideas, wishes and suggestions have been incorporated into the development of OTSC®neo.

Making a great device even better: Further development of OTSC® to OTSC®neo

OTSC®neo is a complete performance evolution of our proven OTSC® System in the areas of clinical efficiency, application and handling.

Clinical efficiency
• Clip optimization for additional lateral compression and a larger compression area
• Improved application even in difficult localizations thanks to double-sided clip advancement

• Blue application ring for visual confirmation of clip placement
• Gentle insertion thanks to rounded teeth edges
• Optimized geometry of the cap due to adapted application mechanism for tissue-friendly application
• Double-sided clip feed increases the reliability of application even in difficult localizations

• Larger diameter of the handwheel for improved grip safety
• Easier access to the working channel
• New ring shape prevents clip rotation during assembly
• Easier and faster assembly thanks to stable handwheel frame and improved fixation band

Dimensions and specifications

More information will follow soon

Application of the OTSC®neo System Set


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