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Use of the AWC®

The AWC® is an endoscopic system for providing an additional working channel for flexible endoscopes.

The AWC® can be used for a variety of applications:

  • EMR+: Resection of lesions with a combination of snare and anchor/grasper
  • ESD+: Dissection of lesions with a combination of grasper and knife or Coag Dissector
  • Clip removal: facilitated removal of OTSC® clips with the help of grasper and DC Cutter
  • Bleedings (additional lumen for suction and flushing)
  • Additional instrument; interesting for a variety of applications

Dimensions and specifications


Attachment (1)For endoscope diameter from 8.5 to 13.5 mm
Shaft (2) / (A)Shaft length:
122 cm (endoscope insertion length: 103 – 110 cm)
185 cm (endoscope insertion length: 160 – 170 cm)
Adaptor for fixation at endoscope handle with Luer-lock (3)
Valve (4)
Sleeve (5)
Appropriate instrument diameterup to 2.8 mm
Items per package2
Reference number200.57.01 (122 cm)
200.57.04 (185 cm)

Application of the AWC®


Injection into the submucosa

Positioning of snare and OTSC® Anchor or FTRD® Grasper

Elevation of the lesion and snare closure

Push-back* of the OTSC® Anchor or FTRD® Grasper while snare stays closed and subsequent resection

*Note: Anchor needles must not be captured with the snare during the push-back move. If in doubt, the anchor needles can be closed to avoid a short circuit.


*Source: Prof. K. Caca Dr. B. Meier, Hospital Ludwigsburg, Germany [In-vivo model]



Injection of LiftUp®

Incision of 4⁄5 of the total circumference

Endoscopic submucosa dissection with AqaNife and additional grasper through the AWC®


*Source Prof. Dr. A. Meining, University Hospital Ulm, Germany [ex-vivo model]

Clip removal

Clip removal with DC Cutter and an additional grasper through the AWC®


*Source: Prof. Dr. Marc O. Schurr, Ovesco Endoscopy AG, Tuebingen, Germany [In-vivo model]


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