Ovesco Endoscopy finalist in German Innovation Award 2016

Ovesco Endoscopy is among the three most innovative medium-sized enterprises in Germany
The German Innovation Award (“Deutscher Innovationspreis”) honors extraordinary innovations by German enterprises, which are changing businesses and markets with their innovative power.
The award is divided into three categories – large enterprises, small and medium enterprises as well as start-ups – and was initiated by Accenture, EnBW, EVONIK and German business news magazineWirtschaftswoche in 2010. In 2016, there were over 100 applications for this honor. Ovesco reached the final stage, identifying it as one of the three most innovative small and medium enterprises.
Considered for the German Innovation Award was Ovesco’s groundbreaking “FTRD” (Full-Thickness Resection Device), a novel resection system for tumors inside the colon. For the first time, FTRD enables complete removal of tissue growth instead of superficial tissue removal. This way, no disease tissue is left behind.
The treatment has seen a high adoption rate in clinical practice. Since its market launch one and a half years ago, over 1,000 interventions were performed in Germany and Switzerland alone. Through the use of FTRD, further surgical interventions within the colon can often be prevented.