Ovesco contributes to climate protection and energy conservation

As part of the “Tübinger Klimaschutzpakt” the Ovesco Endoscopy AG contributes to climate protection and energy conservation.

Within the framework of the urban climate protection campaign “Tübingen macht blau” the university town Tübingen aims to reduce energy-related CO2 emissions. Until 2022, the CO2 emissions per head in Tübingen should be reduced by 25 % compared with the value of 2014. Many companies of Tübingen and its surrounding participate in the project. Ovesco contributes now also to the campaign by building a low-energy headquarter [1].

The new headquarter of Ovesco Endoscopy AG is being built in accordance with the energy standard E55 for low-energy buildings (also known as KfW efficiency house 55). Therefore, the building will be particularly environmentally friendly.

Characteristics of the KfW efficiency house 55:
The energy demand per square meter living space and year is limited to 55 % with regard to the standard (100 %; the so called low-energy house (KfW 100)), which means that the KfW efficiency house 55 has 45 % lower energy consumption.
1. The total energy consumption is limited to maximum 55 % with regard to the reference building according to the energy saving regulations (EnEV) 2009.
2. The averaged specific transmission heat loss of the building envelope to the outside must be at least 45 % lower than the maximum value of the EnEV.
These goals can be achieved by airtightness with central ventilation system and heat recovery up to 80 %. In addition, a modern heating system with renewable energy sources and good insulation as well as orientation towards south with appropriate design and window facades are recommended [2].

Ovesco`s “Tübinger Klimaschutzpakt” Certificate

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