BougieCap case report: Successful dilation of a duodenal stricture

Case report: Successful dilation of a duodenal stricture in a 75-year-old cancer patient with the BougieCap

A patient developed gastric outlet obstruction 4 months after duodenal stricture was diagnosed. Using the BougieCap, the duodenal stricture was successfully dilated under direct visual and haptic feedback. Dilation was performed sequentially from 10 to 12 mm.

Wilson et al., University of Minnesota Medical Center, Minneapolis, MN, USA, presented a case study on duodenal stricture dilation with the BougieCap.

A 75-year-old man with lung cancer (stage IV, non-small-cell) was incidentally found to have a duodenal stricture during EUS to evaluate biliary dilation. Through-the-scope balloon dilation from 8 to 12 mm with the linear echoendoscope or an adult upper endoscope could not open the stricture. Stricture biopsy was negative for malignancy and gastric biopsy was negative for Helicobacter pylori infection. Four months later, the patient developed gastric outlet obstruction. Upper endoscopy showed the duodenal stricture again, which was unable to be traversed. The decision was made to dilate the stricture using the BougieCap to allow for precise dilation under direct visual and haptic feedback. The endoscope was carefully advanced through the stricture with the BougieCap attached. Dilation was sequentially performed from 10 to 12 mm. Mucosal disruption could directly be visualized as expected. After dilation, the adult upper endoscope was able to traverse the stricture easily.

The authors concluded that in addition to its primary use for esophageal stricture dilation, the BougieCap may also serve as a safe and effective method to dilate benign duodenal strictures.

Use of an endoscopic attachment device for duodenal stricture dilation.
Wilson N, Abdallah M, McDonald N, Bilal M.
Gastrointest Endosc. 2023 Feb;97(2):369-370.

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