We are represented at the EndoAIMS Hands-On Training, April 8, 2021. It is a great
Ovesco Endoscopy AG seizes new opportunities through digital transformation for its workflow in research and
HemoPill® acute for gastrointestinal diagnosis and its future clinical routine – an Interview (Click here
We are honored to present the highlights (17 mins) of our webinar “Turn Challenges Into
A systematic review of studies with at least five patients examinating OTSC application for any
Evaluation of the “German colonic FTRD registry” comprising 1178 colorectal FTRD procedures from 65 centers
A prospective multicenter study analyzing the data of the Dutch colorectal eFTR registry comprising 367
Colonic OTSC placement was mostly performed in patients undergoing polypectomy (62.4 %), but also for
53 patients with NVUGIB were randomized to OTSC hemostasis or standard endoscopic treatment. Rebleeding occurred
Insights from 10 speakers and best practice example of empowering high potentials We are honoured