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Conference of the German Society of Gastroenterology, and Digestive and Metabolic Diseases with Endoscopy Section
The novel EMR+ technique uses an external additional working channel (AWC®) allowing for tissue retraction
In 46 POEM and 26 G-POEM procedures, OTSC closure of the entry site was related
The novel ESD+ technique uses the external additional working channel (AWC®), which allows for use
Ovesco is proud to announce that the colonic and diagnostic FTRD® have received market approval
OTSC application is recommended for esophageal iatrogenic perforation > 10 mm, for gastric iatrogenic perforations
A meta-analysis comprising 18 studies with overall 730 patients with difficult gastrointestinal lesions showed a
A cost analysis based on mathematic modelling determined the average cost of repeating standard treatment
Ovesco Endoscopy awarded TOP 10 MEDICAL DIAGNOSTICS Solution Providers 2020 Ovesco Endoscopy has made it
Prof. Alexander Meining, Interventional and Experimental Endoscopy (InExEn), Internal Medicine II, University Hospital Würzburg, received