Ovesco Endoscopy AG partnered in an innovative training network focusing on “Wireless in-body environment communications”
The Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Editorial Board chooses resection techniques namely EMR/submucosal dissection and full-thickness resection as
EFTR in 30 patients with recurrent / residual colorectal neoplasia led to R0 resection in
The medical technology company located in Tuebingen will officially inaugurate its new building in the
The novel EMR+ technique uses an external additional working channel (AWC®) and a poloxamer agent
To err is human – to help is, too! Due to a missed exhibition stand
New Ovesco headquaters
For Ovesco Endoscopy AG, product innovation is among their core competences. Within the framework of
New Ovesco headquaters
On the occasion of the 1st Family Day in the new building, the ovesco Endoscopy
Technical success (lesion reached and resected) was achieved in 94.4 %. R0 resection was achieved
After moving to its new company headquarters in the Technology Park Tuebingen at the beginning