Webinar – Resection techniques in endoluminal surgery


Full-thickness resection as advanced resection technique for gastrointestinal neoplasia

Prof. Dr. med. Karel Caca
Klinikum Ludwigsburg, Germany

Q&A session with Prof. Caca

EMR+ and ESD+:
Easier and faster thanks to multi-channel technique and LiftUp® injection

Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Meining
University Hospital Würzburg, Germany

Q&A session with Prof. Meining

FTRD® in T1 tumors:
Expanding the horizons for early colonic cancer

Dr. Barbara Bastiaansen
UMC Amsterdam, Netherlands

Q&A session with Dr. Bastiaansen


FTRD® Brochure

FTRD® Postcard

RESECT+ Brochure

RESECT+ Research Update

AWC® Postcard

LiftUp® Postcard


Setup of the FTRD® System
Shows the setup of the FTRD® System

FTRD® Application
Shows the procedure steps with the colonic FTRD® System

FTRD® System
Full-thickness resection in the descending colon

Hybrid FTRD®

EMR with LiftUp®
Shows an EMR of a cecal adenoma with LiftUp® as injection solution

Shows the ESD+ procedure in the stomach (distal corpus)

EMR+ in colon
Shows the EMR+ procedure in the colon

ESD+ and EMR+ combined
Shows a combination of ESD+ and EMR+

EMR+ | Polypoid lesion in corpus ventriculi
Shows removal of a polypoid lesion in the corpus ventriculi with EMR+ procedure

EMR+ | Polypoid lesion in the antrum
Shows removal of a polypoid lesion in the antrum with EMR+ procedure

ESD+ in stomach
Shows the ESD+ procedure using the AWC® in the stomach

ESD+ in rectum
Shows the ESD+ procedure using the AWC® in the rectum