Fistula Brush

Special brush for preparation of the fistula tract, removal of tissue, debris and abrasion of the fistula tract To Fistula Brush


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Use of the fistula brush

Proctological instrument for probing, cleaning and debridement of anorectal fistulas.

The Fistula Brush can be used to probe the fistula tract and preparatory for the use of the OTSC® Proctology to clean the fistula tract and remove fistula epithelium. This promotes obliteration of the fistula tract. The Fistula Brush consists of a semi-flexible wire with a brush section in the middle, an eyelet on the one and a probing olive at the other end. The fistula brush is available as a sterile disposable product in a package of 5.

Dimensions / specifications

Total length300 mm
Diamater probing olive2.2 mm
Diameter eyelet2.5 mm
Length brush section40 mm
Items per package5
Reference number200.62

Important notes

The instrument is not suitable for the use outside the anal region. The instrument should not be used if mechanical manipulation of an anorectal fistula is contraindicated.

Application of the Fistula Brush

  • Careful insertion of the Fistula Brush into the fistula opening
    • either by means of the probing olive
    • or, in case of a placed drainage seton, by attaching the seton to the loop of the brush and pulling the instrument into the fistula tract with the seton
  • Pull the Fistula Brush until the brush section is placed inside the fistula tract
  • Carefully clean/debride the fistula tract by alternating movements of the brush
  • Rinse the debrided fistula tract, e.g. with saline solution

The Fistula Brush is disposed of after its use.


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