Conference of the German Society of Gastroenterology, and Digestive and Metabolic Diseases with Endoscopy Section
In 156 patients with histologic evidence of adenocarcinoma, EFTR was technically successful in 92.3 %
Ovesco Endoscopy is pleased to announce that the stentfix OTSC® System Set has received market
The Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Editorial Board chooses resection techniques namely EMR/submucosal dissection and full-thickness resection as
EFTR in 30 patients with recurrent / residual colorectal neoplasia led to R0 resection in
Unter Teilnahme geladener Gäste aus Politik, Medizin und Wirtschaft übergibt das Tübinger Medizintechnikunternehmen den Neubau
Ovesco is proud to announce that LiftUp® has received market approval in Europe. It is
The novel EMR+ technique uses an external additional working channel (AWC®) and a poloxamer agent
When compared to fistulectomy and primary sphincter reconstruction, the OTSC Proctology showed comparable results (93
Irren ist menschlich – helfen auch! Aufgrund einer verpassten Messestand-Anmeldung bei dem Viszeralmedizin-Kongress der DGVS